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If you are on iOS, we recommend leaving the app open until this icon disappears. This is the best way to let Bear finish the current sync operation. The last icon you might see in this panel is a cloud with a red dot in your sidebar.

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This means that sync is experiencing other problems. You can learn more about the current situation by tapping or clicking on all of these icons: usually a solution to the issue is presented inside the Sync Preference Pane. But if you still have sync problems, please contact Bear support.

If none of the icons is shown in the sidebar, Bear has sync harmony and you have the latest version of notes on the current device.

How to sync notes from iphone to mac

Please leave Bear for iOS open not in the background for a while to help it complete the sync. You can check the synchronization status as described in the previous section. This step is needed only in case of huge imports. Once it is finished, your Bear will sync faster and more often on a note-by-note basis.

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Features get permanently unlocked, so those features are yours forever. Good to hear! That is awesome!

That was the first thing I was searching for on the community postings to find out if there was an app forthcoming, or already available, for Agenda. I am looking forward to beta testing on this platform as well due to the amount of trade off I personally do between my various Macs and iPads. Question, is the plan that you would need to purchase a premium version of the iOS product as well? No need, the plan is to do the same as the Mac app, also the iOS app will be free, and can be used forever without limits.

Track Notes On Your iPhone And Mountain Lion Mac Via iCloud [OS X Tips]

A single purchase will unlock all premium features of both the Mac and iOS app and give you 12 months of any new premium features we develop for either app. Is there a product roadmap we can see? I recently purchased the premium offer. I have purchased Studies app before, so I trust you guys with this new app. And, this is one of the app I have been long searching for.

I hope that we could get it earlier.

Mac Notes won't sync with iCloud - Apple Community

More power to all of you. Thanks kaaeronpaul , the iOS app development has begun, and has our highest priority. Planned for first half of And excited for more features with the app. I am now, bit by bit migrating from bear apps. Tap the account in question from the list, then make sure "Notes" is enabled. Alternatively, you can check if this setting is enabled for "iCloud" by tapping the large Apple ID section at the top of the Settings page.

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Next, tap "iCloud," then enable "Notes," if it isn't enabled already. When you open the Notes app now, you should see all accounts you have enabled appear, each with their own folders. While you can create more folders for "iCloud" and "On My iPhone," you can only use the default "Notes" folder for other accounts. In the Notes app, select a folder under the title of the account you want to save that note in.

Then, start a new note as you normally would. When you finish the note, it will be saved to only that account, which will also appear on other devices logged into that account and connected to Notes.

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It's important to understand that you can only move notes from one account into iCloud or On My iPhone folders, not anything else. So keep this in mind when starting new notes. For example, you cannot move a note from an Outlook account to a Gmail account and vice versa.

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