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Quicken on the Web is a companion browser experience to your desktop Quicken product. We built this in response to customer feedback that accessing Quicken on the Web would offer ease and convenience. All in a fresh and streamlined user experience to simplify your financial life. More on Quicken on the Web. You are here Home. Need help? Our agents are available! Win toggle Mac. Manage your money anywhere For the first time, you can manage your money on the go with Quicken on the Web. Access to key features of Quicken: View balances, budgets, accounts and transactions See spending trends and more Check investment performance Search transaction history Keep your finances continually up to date: FAQ Is Quicken a subscription product?

View details Yes, Quicken is now a subscription, called a Quicken membership. Can I use the Quicken on more than one computer? View details Yes. What is the Quicken ID?

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Which products include free features like Bill Pay and Drobox Backup? View details To see our entire product lineup, including features and cost, please see our comparison chart. Improved bill pay by limiting and correcting issues while paying bills and creating online payees instead of waiting for the financial institution to report the error. Added a new built-in screenshare capability that will allow a Quicken Care agent to see your screen while helping you through an issue if you approve of this service. Added an ability to easily fix a dead account issue.

Simply click Setup in Account Status window to fix your account. Fixed an issue where the error message to setup an account wouldn't go away even after reconnecting an account. Fixed an issue where the migrate Quicken ID screen wouldn't appear after using the Sign in as a Different User feature. Improved the ccscrape. If you get this error, it means your bank is using a Multi-Factor Authentication MFA that currently is not supported by the Quicken aggregation service. Fixed an issue that would cause categories on linked transfers to be lost. Fixed an issue where deleted splits weren't getting propagated to the Quicken Cloud.

Improved reliability of a fix for an MFA issue where customers received an MFA code but didn't have a screen to enter the code in. Fixed an issue that would cause a sync error if there was a linked transfer that was referencing an account that wasn't being synced. Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to update account credentials.

Without this upgrade, product registration will fail when trying to install on a new computer and you won't be able to use Quicken. Please upgrade now. Fixed a crash that would occur when completing reconcile after using the Start Fresh feature. Fixed an issue where manually entered transactions that were entered before the end of the reconcile period but posted after would throw off reconcile calculations. Click here to read more about troubleshooting reconcile issues. Fixed the top crashing issue in 3.

In the reconcile screen, the app would crash when pressing the Enter key on a date field. We fixed a number of investment issues: Fixed an issue where the Portfolio View displayed the entered date and not the acquisition date for Added Shares. Fixed an issue where downloaded investment transactions weren't being marked as cleared. Fixed the investment day change value so that it resets at midnight.

Quicken for Mac 2016: 12-Month Budget

Fixed how Return of Capital is handled across multiple lots. Fixed an issue where a bill pay cancel request error would return the transaction to a "To Send" state. Fixed an error that could occur when cancelling an intra-bank transfer. Fixed an issue where transactions paid using a Bank's website weren't getting marked as paid.

Fixed a crash when handling a bill pay payee response. We continue to make improvements and stability fixes throughout Quicken: Fixed an issue where hidden accounts were accidentally unhidden. Fixed an issue where an account's currency setting was being changed to US Dollars after syncing or updating accounts. Fixed a crash that occurred in the Edit Budget screen.

Fixed a crash that occurred in the Reconcile screen. Display only uncleared transactions. Check or uncheck all transactions with one click. Added payment and deposit columns in the Reconcile register. Added payment and deposit totals in the reconcile screen.

New and Improved in 12222 Quicken for Windows!

Clear column renamed to Clr so that the column can be narrowed. We continue to make improvements to Month budgets NEW: Added the ability to duplicate an existing Month budget instead of starting from scratch. Added highlighting in the budget view to easily see category and month for a particular budget value. You can turn this off or change to a different option by going to Preferences. Added a light blue highlight behind top level categories so it's easier to review budget numbers in the budget setup screen.

Now we support actual two month and quarterly fills and also display calculated values in the menu so you know what number will be added before you try to add it. Also changed the key commands for fill forward and back. Spreadsheets don't deal well with emojis, so you'll now see the category with a character code replacing the emoji.

Budget view now remembers whether you expanded or collapsed particular categories.

We fixed a number of Portfolio View issues: Greatly improved portfolio view performance. Changed investment portfolio so that the number of shares display up to 6 decimal places. This was a request from kelly1, smayer97, rgw, jacobs, billp, canuckguy, and m. Quicken will automatically add price history for buy and sell transactions if there isn't current quote data for a particular day. This should result in improved charting. Portfolio view can now expand and fill the entire width of the screen.

Fixed an issue where the security name would overlap the disclosure triangle if the name was really long. Fixed an issue in Portfolio View where the disclosure triangle would open multiple securities when in investment, brokerage, retirement or education views. Improved an issue where the chart would show spikes or dips due to stock splits or purchases. Fixed an issue where short sells and covered calls didn't appear in reports. Thanks to Mr.

Cribb for tracking this down and working with us to fix the issue. Fixed the day change value for mutual funds when using Update All Thanks to jtarver for bringing this to our attention. Dramatically reduced file size by eliminating unused data backups stored in the file. Eliminated width restrictions in reports so they can now expand and take up the full width of the screen. Continued updating help to bring inline with new features. Fixed a crash that could occur when importing from a really old version of Quicken Essentials.

Update now to get the following improvements We continue to refine the Month Budget feature. Stacked Layout View. A number of customers mentioned they wanted an option to see more months on the screen at one time. The new stacked layout view achieves this by placing Actual values above the Budget number allowing column widths to be narrowed.


This does mean each category is taller so you may need to scroll up and down more. Set the budget layout by clicking on the Gear icon and changing the preference. Export and Copy Budget. There is a new Export button in the budget view. Clicking this button will display a menu to export either the summary or full budget to a CSV file or to simply copy it to the clipboard to paste into Excel or another product.

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Use this feature to print the budget or to do further analysis. Summary Budget Detail Pop-Up.

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A pop-up appears when clicking on budget items in Budget view but didn't work in the Summary area. The summary area now has a light gray background to distinguish it from the rest of the budget. Made a number of small customer-requested changes in other parts of Quicken.

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